My partner Oliver, me and MiracleLove First Page at a cat show in Rotterdam times flies!
It is over 12 years now that I'm breeding these enchanting, charming extraordinary cats and still, probably more then ever, am in love with these wonderful, loving and affectionate Sphynx-cats. I wouldn't want miss them for a moment in my life!
As most breeders I did have my ups and downs within in these years, since breeding often comes along with suffering, but as long as the pleasure and joy of breeding prevails you shouldn't give up. I spent years of researching international Sphynx-lines and know exactly which cats to use in my lines of breed without exposing them to the risk of getting any hereditary diseases. I'm always very careful and critical when it comes to the decision of a new mating cat, he has to be as perfect as possible and certainly free of any genetic problems in his line of breed. Furthermore is the annual HCM-testing mandatory for all my breeding cats, and certainly I will only breed with HCM clear cats!
In order to optimize the health of my cats, in 2010 I began to outcross-a procedure that has been practiced in the US for years. With success I might say, Negro gave me incredibly adorable, beautiful, very typey and most of all healthy off-spring. I do want to thank my dear friend, Judy Gunby for this wonderful, lovable boy. Being a responsible breeder I know and respect my cats.
I only breed very few litters every year and this only with cats that are breed-typical and healthy. Furthermore an outstanding character of the cats I breed is very important to me. Responsible breeding to me is NOT the reproduction and selling of the animals, but most of all knowing that they are raised with loving care in my home. Besides the true-to-type, ideally meeting the standard appearance of my Sphynx cats, their health and character is the most important issue to me, this is now I can pave the way for the future owners to have a pet that they will love and enjoy for a lifetime. In my lines of breed I do prefer cats with a shorter, rounder type of head shape contrary to the often seen oriental type whose features consist of a narrow, longer shaped head. This narrow head-shape is often seen of blue-eyed Sphynx and often occurs when the main emphasis of the line is the blue eyes. I observe my breeding very carefully, critically and not through rose-colored glasses. I can only advice you to keep away from those breeders who talk badly about others, since they are only trying to raise their image by maligning others in order to improve the sales of their cats. When my kittens leave home, starting at the age of 4 month, they are well dewormed, chiped and vaccinated. Every kitten is registered with the TICA (The International Cat Association). In order to assure a smooth transition into the new home, I'll provide the owner with some cat-food to ease the adjustment for the kitten. Due to the fact that I breed my cats only once ore twice, I occassionally do have some adult cats to give into loving, caring and responsible hands. Over the years many Sphynx champions and even World champions came out of my breeding lines, a fact that makes me very proud and convinces me that I'm on the right track.
If I have aroused your interest for those amazing feline companions, I'll gladly be available to answer your questions by phone. You can reach me at 0049 7423 6504!