The Sphynx...

...a fascinating and charming breed of cat.

When I in approximately 1989 for the first time saw a picture of a Sphynx, I immediately became charmed by this breed. I knew that one of these days I would own such a cat, only that it was very difficult to obtain info-material about that breed at that time.

Years passed and in the meantime I had found some articles in various cat-journals, which were very interesting for me, for I could learn more about this rare breed.

On chance I got the address of a Sphynx breeder through a friend, whome I contacted immediatly. He could tell me more about the breed that I had read and I got even more enthusiastic about it.

This breeder found me a 10 month old Sphynx girl in his vicinity. I drove there to pick it up. When I stood infront of the door I was quite nervous and excited, since I was so close to fullfill this dream of mine. I saw this rare cat and fell instantly in love with it.

At home she adjusted very quickly to her new environment and is now the absolute darling. I had had different breeds of cats, but nerver such a darling, charming and loyal one. Comparing the behaviour – it's a »normal cat«, only with a lot more charm.

Powie - Photo by Joe Hoelzl

The Sphyx is a little monkey, dog, child and cat at the same time. Not to forget, – no hair that are lying about. I am a great lover of cats, but was always a little allergic to their hair. Now I have a real cat without that problem.

When you fall in love with a Sphynx, you're completely bewitched by her, every day a new and she get's you hooked to own more than one of her race. I myself have now three Sphynxes and I am awaiting soon the first babies, of which I will keep at least one.

The Sphynx is a very old breed which even the aztecs supposedly had packs of. They have not been as erroneously assumed by some people bred for hairlessness, but were created by mutation, therefore in a natural way.

The biologist J.R. Renger wrote as early as 1830 about that breed in his book »History of nature of the paraguayan mammals«. 1903 you find a discription of two hairless cats in »The book of cats« which F.J. Shinick had bought from new-mexican indians. There as well the Sphynx is beyound praise.

Around 1900, a photo exists on which you can see two Sphynxes (Mexican-Hairless). Mrs. S. Smith found in 1978 two hairless cats in her neighborhood in Toronto, which were later known as Q. Punkie und Q. Paloma. These two hairless kittens were sent to Holland to Dr. Hernandez, he tried to breed Sphynx. Since he had no hairless male cat, Dr. Hernandez crossbred his hairless cat from Toronto with a Devon-Rex-male. Many of the today existing Sphynx result of that mating.

In the breeding of Sphynx a lot has also been achieved by G. Gattenby of the Jen-Jude-kennel. Nowadays one should not crossbreed with a Devon-Rex since the new generation then is not a pure breed anymore also other problems can occur. A cat having Rex blood in his ancestry is not a valuable breeding cat.

In meantime the basis of Sphynx is quite large, so that you should only breed within the race.

In The U.S. where you find more breeder, this is a standard practise and the Sphynx are supposedly when pure bred over generations, were beautiful and expressive in their characteristics.

The Sphynx is not completely hairless as you might think at the first glance. She has very fine downy hair like a peach which you almost can not feel nor see. The skin is soft smooth and warm like a warming bottle.

To avoid being cold the Sphynx eats more of high nutritional food and balances so it's temperature. She should be bathed more often, since due to her hairlesness she has sebum secretes, which have to be washed off. The Sphynx like to be bathed and then loves to cuddle with her owner.

This race is very intelligent and has a stunning charm. There is simply nothing that you would deny her. One can take her everywhere without her being annoyed, quite to the contrary the Sphnyx likes to accompany her owner. She also has no problem with other animals of the household and bewitches them too with her charm. She is never spiteful or nasty, but very lively and dearly loves her owner and is very loyal to him or her.

Therefore it's not a cat for everybody, she needs people that can take a lot of time for her. Sphynxes cuddle a lot more and more intensive than other breeds of cats. She looks for and needs the contact to people.

Giving birth these cats have no problems and raise their babies with lots of love and care. The kittens open their eyes already on the 4th day and are in every aspect a step further than other races.

Since I have relatively speaking a lot of visitors, I certainly had people which met the Spynx with dislike and prejudice. But up to now everybody has changed his mind within minutes.

My Sphynxes have bewitched EVERYBODY!